Stevenage About Us Page

Hi all & this is our web-site, our names are Steve and Gill and we started up promoting internet websites some yrs ago (approximately ten yrs ).

We created this Stevenage online site, employing an approach that we have now been working on for a time now, delivering us an exceptional sense of accomplishment and pride, it was a whole lot of fun to attempt, really frustrating at times, and yet in the end fulfilling.

We routinely make an effort to launch a web site that is definitely convenient to use and also not excessively stuffed with pop-up boxes and commercials.

We do strive to create content which is significant on almost every article, while we aren't ashamed to confess that we really do need to produce a modest income where possible, to keep our various websites operating, current and on-line.

If you might have equally as much fun from checking out the site as we gained making it, then we shall be delighted that we have done the job properly.

Have fun, Stephen and Gillian - October 2013.